Welcome to Supreme Win, an online luxury prize UK competition company. We offer chance to win luxury prizes with fixed odds. Just like lottery, but we have prizes to giveaway with better chances of winning.

Our business is transparent with live draws on Facebook. Winning numbers are picked by our random mechanical ball machine and we offer full refund in the event of a no-draw.

Ticket price starts from £2.50 and unlike lottery, our competitions always have a winner. It is a fantastic opportunity to win big prizes with great odds at a small price.

When there’s believe there’s hope and when there’s hope there’s a chance. Here is your chance at Supreme Win. But you have to be IN IT TO WIN IT.

If you dream big, you can now dream bigger.


About Us

We are a prize competition company registered in the UK and complies with The Gambling Act 2005/ Running Prize Competitions. Our business is simple we raffle prizes with fixed odds and guarantee a winner for each prize draw.

Our business is transparent, with live draws, random mechanical ball machine to pick each winner. We have a maximum lead time on all our competitions to avoid disappointments and full refund in the event of a no-draw. In addition you can view the number of tickets sold, maximum number of tickets available per competition and the purchaser in our purchase history tab.

Our biggest challenge so far is to establish the trust with potential customers as there are many scams and fraudulent sites on the internet. We hope by demonstrating the business transparency and with our encrypted security website for card payment handle by a UK card merchant service would reassure our customers. Finally here’s me, Ping Yip the owner, a picture of myself standing next to the lottery machine.

We will start with small prize competitions to build up our customer database and trust, then move on to bigger prizes such as cars, motor bikes and motor homes. We will reward all loyal customers in the future that have been standing by us from the beginning of this journey. Watch this space guys.

Whichever way I packaged this business, it is close to the borderline of gambling even though our business doesn’t need a gambling license.  I therefore put in place, maximum number of tickets could be sold to each player per competition. Our business is fun and exciting for all adults, a little flutter here and there that cost few pounds and could potentially land you with a big prize. Hopefully not enough that would affects a person’s life. The experience of the possibility in winning a prize with few quid is exciting and exhilarating and in some cases it could be life changing.

Supreme Win will donate a small percentage of its profits to charities, all donations will appear on our donation page.

Good Luck.

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